Course Coverage: Types of gas tanker Emergency shutdown system Safe preparation for cargo operation Loading/unloading Properties & characteristics of gas Monitor & calibration of equipment Ventilation, segregation Pollution prevention General arrangement & construction Pump theory, types of p/p, safe operation Procedure & checklist of operation Care of cargo in transit Pressure/temp relation Cargo inhibition, compatibility, testing Effect of cargo on trim, stability Docking preparation Electrostatic charge generation Health & environmental hazard Code of safe working practice MARPOL, SOLAS Insulation Effect of cargo on structural integrity Inerting& Gas freeing Chemical symbols Reactivity, explosion, flammability Cargo handling equipment Taker safety culture Cargo measurement & calculation MSDS Corrosion, toxicity Low temp cargo Collision, grounding, spillage Assessment Tanker safety management Inerting, drying, anti-static measure Envelopement in toxic, flammable vapour Debrief